Hair Donation for Cancer Patients


I appreciate and respect  feelings and concern of peoples asking me for Hair Donation for making wigs for cancer patients.

They ask can we donate hair for making wigs for cancer patients?


problem we face for making wig is, firstly person who will donate hair will not cut from roots, what they can cut is max 12” to 16” which is not useful to make ladies wigs as 4” top portion need to be fold to knot hair. It can be used to make gents wigs. Secondly to make ladies wig you need minimum 22” hair to make shoulder length wig as well needed minimum 4 persons hair. Even individual head bundle will be in layered so we get hardly any long hair and Shaded hair can not be used as cuticles are not in same direction. To make less expensive wigs  it can be used but need to do lot of chemical process on it.

We prefer to use hair from temples like Tirupati Balaji cause it is removed from roots and hence get longer sizes and cuticles are on same direction.